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Lymphatic Therapy

Manual lymphatic drainage is great for detoxification.  It also boosts your immune response if experiencing chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.  It can increase recovery time by removing water, waste products, proteins, and toxins post injuries and surgeries.  Lymphatic channels are disrupted and take time to make new connections after cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction, tummy tucks, and lifts.  A series of lymphatic sessions can benefit recovery and decrease healing time after cosmetic procedures.  

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a light, unobtrusive technique

In lymphedema, the lymph is unable to drain properly from the affected tissues.  There are two types of lymphedema, primary and secondary.  Primary lymphedema occurs as a result of congenital abnormalities of the lymphatic system.  Symptoms may be present from birth or appear later in life.  Secondary lymphedema occurs due to damage to a previously intact lymphatic system.  A common cause of secondary lymphedema is cancer or its treatment.

Your lymphatic system is part of your immune system.  It protects your body from illness-causing invaders, removes excess body fluid, and removes cellular waste such as debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, cancer cells, and toxins. It also delivers nutrients, oxygen, and hormones to the cells.  Blockages, diseases or infections will affect your lymphatic system’s function.

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